4 Flavors of February


This February, try 2 seasonal bars and get a great deal on 2 best selling bars!

M&M blondie: Rich, buttery and absolutely delicious! It tastes like the best chewy chocolate chip cookie you’ve ever tasted and a bunch of M&Ms!

Crack brownies: Yup. It’s crack! It doesn’t contain any illegal substances but this brownie is highly addictive with mini marshmallows and caramel bits!

Red Velvet brownie: Incredibly luscious with a slight tang and made according to tradition.  Instead of the usual cream cheese frosting, we make a ribbon from cream cheese and swirl it through the batter!

Lemon bar: Just like the Lemon Bars your Grandma used to make because we use only fresh squeezed lemon juice and fresh lemon zest! They are tart, not too sweet and absolutely luscious!


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4 Flavors of February


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